Friday, January 22, 2010

No contaban con mi astucia

Well, it’s been a few days since I updated so I feel like so much has happened since the last time. Don’t worry you won’t get the full scoop lol. Where to begin? I have made a list of things that I need to get done and I have crossed out a handful out of the 19, so I’m making progress and mostly procrastinating. Oh first of all, because the French school system is weird I have a week and a half off school. Life is just wonderful! The first week started with an intensive course that only went for a week, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:45 with some breaks in between. This past week, the semester long courses began. Since BYU worries that international students might be overloaded I’m only signed up for three other courses—International Business, Organizational theory, and French. So the semester will be easy, but I will have another intensive course. I enjoy the courses much because I have good classmates like Brazilians (Rafael and Sarah), Mexicanas (like Adriana), German (Olga, with whom I’ve had several courses), and many more friends and French students ☺.

On another topic, a week or so ago I went to buy groceries and I made a fool out of myself. To not share my embarrassing moments in too much detail, suffice it to say that I held up the line for a good 10 minutes because I didn’t know what I was doing. I never knew buying grapes could be so difficult. I felt so stooopid. On that note, some other things I have done that I’ve hated are opening a bank account, laundry (like always) and buying power adapters. I never imagined it could take over 2 weeks to set up and open a bank account. Fill this out, send this in, get this mail, stop by the bank for some more crap, and so on and so on; in other words, less effective. Another thing that has been a hassle is setting up internet in my room. Holy freaking crap! I still don’t have it set up. I’ll just leave it at that. Since power outlets are different, I need adapters and that whole thing has been a mess. I’ve spent well over $30 buying worthless adapters. I even bought an iron out here, with French power outlet, but not even that is compatible with the room outlets. Wtf, I wear wrinkly clothes now ☺.

So a week ago, a group of international students went to velvet, a small dance club (and from the two that I’ve been to they have both been small) and no one was dancing. Okay, truth be told, there were about a handful of people dancing. Needless to say, upon arriving the party started. . . and then someone had to call 911 because there was shawty fire burning on the dance floor, like the Mexicans lol :0). We started the dancing and then everyone danced. Hell of a night.

This past Sunday I went to church for the first time because last Sunday I didn’t know where it was. Online the site info said it started at 11. Well, I walked for 40 minutes, (I only planned on walking 20) so I got there for the last 30 minutes. Apparently church started at 9:30. Nothing better than a dumb foreigner walking in late for the last 30 minutes. A good thing is that everyone speaks slowly so I can understand a lot. I’m in a small branch with about 50 members. Reminds me of my last mission branch in size. Later that day, I took a nap and went to a Sunday potluck at the Mexicanas. I will post pics. It was interesting to see how the potluck became a crazy, ethnic dance party. Because we’re (the group that hangs out together) mostly international students, everyone displayed ethnic dances—Mexican, Salsa ☺, Italian, Greek, Polish, French, Brazilian and more. It was loads of fun and I took plenty of pics to capture the dances. At the end everyone wanted me to dance so I stripped danced for everyone. Somehow a pole appeared in the middle of the Mexican’s apartment and voila, I became a stripper. . . hahah just kidding. But everyone did want me do show my interpretation of different dancing styles, mostly for reggaeton.

So I almost forgot, something completely weird to me is that bathrooms are shared. Yea can you believe that? I’m in one stall and a girl in the one next to me. Wtf. . .oh and so the shared bathrooms at the dorms where I live, gosh, smell at times worst than the zoo. Holy freak, worst than the zoo, I said! But on a good note, the weather has been around the 40’s, the snow is gone, and life is great.

My dear reader, that’s all for now! Be happy, smile, and remember that I’m watching you ;)


  1. Ha ha ha. Man, I wish I could be a fly on your shoulder to follow you around. I'm sure you feel dumb to not know your way around but it must be very fun.
    I'm glad you're documenting this. This is something your children would one day like to hear about.

  2. oh man. i can just picture you holding up the line at the grocery store and the look on your face. i love you legs. and why isn't china being represented??? hahah